Chai Community is an open-source application, that includes features like ‘Dine ’ and ‘Club’. Anyone can join the community by downloading and registering the application. The members can make payments in cafes and restaurants through the ‘Dine ’ feature in the application. The dine booking facility is foreseen. ’Club’ feature allows the members to pay bills in the associated shops other than the cafes and restaurants, that also proximate.

Reward that is endless earning. Earn scratch cards and other rewards as you use the Chai Community application through our Chai Community payment methods worth up to 100%. Discount allowed you don ’t need to hunt for coupon codes. It just scans and wins the rewards. If you win your rewards go straight into your digital wallet these terms and conditions regulate the use of Chai Community issued gift cards, a semi-closed payment instrument (hereafter referred to as Chai Community gift cards offered by w plus Chai Community private ltd). A company incorporated with us.

Chai Community reserves the right to provide rewards to its users for cashback rewards, all of Chai Community terms and conditions applicable to cashback awarding and usage will continue to apply. Chai Community reserves the right to pull back rewards from a user ’ s account in case of suspicious or fraudulent activities as detected by Chai Community from time to time without any notice/information. Scratch cards standing unclaimed will be forfeited post 1 year of granting of the scratch card to the user



It is a feature that helps the customers to find the restaurant and cafes, those associated with us. Now we mainly focus on the food-related shops to connect. We prepared a list of food-related shops in this feature, that helps you to search the restaurants near you. The associated shops should provide quality products and services and you would get the reward at any of your purchases through Chai Community in the form of cashback or any other offers. Every shop should provide the Chai Community QR and you can scan the QR for the payment. If you want to pay the bills as cash/ any other UPI payment method, the application will ask your payment method, so you can the option as per your interest. When the shop owner gives you the approval then you can pay as cash/ any other UPI payment method.

The dine service also provides the route map of the restaurant that are listed and the contact details of the shops. You can call them for any inquiries. So, the customers can make booking a table at restaurants, offering table reservations via the Chai Community platform. The customers can give valuable feedback on our service through this feature.

Contact us: You may write to us at “ ” for any further queries concerning the Chai Community dine service and may also contact us on the following number for more information Contact number:


The club is an upcoming membership-based program. Uses have been buying goods and services through the club membership. Now Chai Community associated only with cafes and restaurants. But we are planning to lie up with other shops. Then the users can pay their bills in Chai Community associated shops using the Chai Community application. Then the Chai Community creates a group of premium privileged customers.

It has become a trend in supermarkets to generously reward their customers with loyalty cards (also called membership cards). While the supermarkets claim that, it is nothing but just a goodwill gesture to acknowledge ‘PRIVILEGE CUSTOMERS’. Chai Community represents a digital form of privileged customer system.


Download the Chai Community application from the app store/play store. To access Chai Community services, you may be required to provide information about yourself (such as mobile number, OTP, photo, name, location, and email id). As a part of registration, you agree that any registration information you give to us will always be true, correct, complete, and up to date. Information given to Chai Community will not be used for any unauthorized and unlawful purpose.

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