About Chai Community

        Chai Community is a digital consumer’s society that rewards peculiar for their hotel, café, restaurant, and other stores bill payment by providing them with exclusive offers and access to get a premium experience.

Of late, it has become a trend in supermarkets to generously reward their customers with loyalty cards (also called membership cards). While the supermarkets claim that, it is nothing but just a goodwill gesture to acknowledge ‘PRIVILEGE CUSTOMERS’. Chai Community represents a digital form of privileged customer system.

        Chai Community is an open-source application, that includes features like ‘Dine’ and ‘Club’. Anyone can join the community by downloading and registering the application. The members can make payments in cafes and restaurants through the ‘Dine’ feature in the application. The dine booking facility is foreseen. ’Club’ feature allows the members to pay bills in the associated shops other than the cafes and restaurants, that also proximate.

        We endeavor to reveal a new consumer’s society with deserving benefits from the all existing. It is our mission that to provide quality goods and services to each customer along with surely monitory benefits.