It is a platform in Chai Community that gives the service to users. Users can use this feature in restaurants, cafes, and hotels. Chai Community users can pay this bill in restaurants, cafes, and hotels through the Chai Community wallet or any other UPI payment method /directly by cash on hand. Only after the acceptance from the shop owner, that we give the notification for the selection of the payment method by using these methods, the user should get the offers like rewards and cashback. Our service is only available in Chai Community associated restaurants, cafes, and hotels.

There are options to pay for your choices.. that are,


You can pay bills with your
Chai Community Wallet

Cash, UPI Apps,
Debit/Credit cards
& any other
payment methods.

The users can contact the restaurant/ cafes/ hotels, through the profile of those shops, they get the google map service and also evaluate their service. We endeavor to reveal a new consumer’s society with deserving benefits from the all existing. It is our mission that to provide quality goods and services to each customer along with surely monitory benefits. Chai Community is a digital platform for food lovers, also wish to get rewards by paying their food bills in the hotels/ restaurants/ cafes.